Here at Excel Maths tutoring, we offer lessons and rates by the hour. There are no lock-in periods, cancellations or complex contracts. You simply pay per hour, for as many lessons as you believe necessary. We endeavour to keep our lessons affordable, and high quality for money. Excel Maths Tutoring offers two different kinds of lessons. These are individual lessons, taught in your home, or group lessons, which will be run from a teaching studio in Forest Lake. Prices for each are outline below.

Individual Lessons:

Individual lessons are great for giving your child one on one, focussed attention. Being taught in their own home create a very safe and relaxed learning environment, and all focus will be on learning. This service is available to all Southern Brisbane Suburbs.

Price: $55/hour – Includes all planning, worksheets and materials in order to best benefit your child’s education.

Group lessons:

Group lessons are a great way to collaborate and save some money. Excel Maths Tutoring allows a maximum 3 students in each class. Group lessons provide students with a more interactive and fun learning environment, where they can collaborate with both the tutor and other students. This type of learning environment is great for students who learn best in a social sitting.
Content of these lessons will still be arranged according to each individual student’s needs, and will also include all planning, worksheets and materials used to create a highly beneficial learning environment.
Price: $35 per student (60 min lesson).