Tutor Profile

Tutors are highly qualified and experienced tutor with over six years of teaching experience. With a strong foundation in the areas of Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Tutors have used this qualification to teach many students and help them to achieve above and beyond their academic goals. Tutors are passionate educator, academic and intellectual with a joy for both teaching and learning. Their knowledge and abilities in the education area are sure to help any student improve upon their current learning in school.

Teaching Style:

I love to create a teaching and learning environment where the student is made to feel comfortable and that their efforts are rewarded and appreciated. I like to provide my students with as many tools as possible to make sure they get the most thorough understanding of a particular concept. Often times I use hands-on materials, one-on-one settings, and technology based instruction. One person at a time helping one student at a time can make the difference.
All content of the student’s lessons has a strong foundation in the core content that they are learning at school. For example, most schools follow the “C2C” curriculum. If this is the case, their lessons will be developed, structured and delivered according to this curriculum. This helps to keep both teaching and learning highly relevant to the students, so that when testing or exam times come, they have a definite grasp on the content.